Reading List

Because Paganism does not have universally accepted sacred texts or central authorities, books on Paganism can at best only share some common thoughts and practices or provide information for individual exploration.  Below are some on-line articles sharing their picks for recommended readings.

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Recommendations on how to choose a book
1.    Don’t be afraid to ask others for their recommendations, especially those folks that you respect and have been practicing Paganism for several years. Such people can often point you towards the proper publications.
2.    Visit your local pagan retailers.  They often carry large book collections and would be glad to spend some time with you to determine which books might best support your studies.
3.  Read the comments on the web sites of major on-line retailers like  These can be a great resource for information.  Check out the various book lists from readers, and also the comments and reviews left regarding different books.  BUT MAKE SURE YOU BUY YOUR BOOKS THOUGH A LOCAL PAGAN RETAILER!
4.    Pagan websites such as The Witches Voice, The Wild Hunt and The Wiccan/Pagan Times are excellent resources for reading about different publications and finding out more about what books members of the Pagan Community are reading these days. In addition, Isis Books and Gifts has a good listing of books, and even divides some of them into Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Wicca recommendations.
4.    Check out the websites of those companies that are currently publishing Pagan-related books such as Llewellyn Publications, New Page Books, Citadel Books (under Kensington Publishing), and Immanion Press and Megalithica Books.