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Grove of the Winding Spiral is an Eclectic Wiccan coven, offering Initiatory studies and fellowship to those who seek it. We honor all genders and all families, recognizing the inherent Divine within us all. Originating in Southern California in 2004, we are happy to now also be part of the Kansas City Pagan community. Find us on FaceBook at or contact Shandril oc Arran, HP at
Heimdall’s Hearth is a non-reconstructionist (aka Primitivist) Heathen Kindred. We accept the Elder Edda, the ancient preserved Lore, as the foundation of our belief- but we look back to Europe’s mysterious Neolithic, Bronze and Migration Age religions, which lay beneath the façade of Lore. We celebrate the living Gods and ancestors through direct spirit communication and immediate divine experience, endurance rites, dramatic representation, ecstatic dance, prophetic utterance and all forms of art. We focus on educational outreach and reject misogyny, racism, homophobia, Lokianism and all non-Lore beliefs.  Facebook:
Héena Lushede is an eclectic wiccan coven in the Kansas City metro area.  We are members of the Lushede Grove.  If you are interested in attending public rituals or one of our classes please contact Ripley at
Heart of the Bear Grove is an American Eclectic Pagan organization of pagans based in Kansas City that focuses on celebrating community, diversity and inclusion of all peoples regardless of gender. We welcome many different beliefs and practices, embracing a wide variety of pagan paths as an cornerstone of community and family. Public classes are offered on a regular basis as well as open circles and get-togethers. Heart of the Bear Grove can be found on Facebook at   and the Grove Mother, Angela “Mama Bear” Krout can be reached at
Heru Behutet Oasis – founded in 1993 and located in the Valley of Kansas City – is a chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). We are an initiatory organization founded upon the principles of the Law of Thelema. As such we support and promote the doctrines and practices of the philosophical and spiritual system known as Thelema, with a particular emphasis on cultivating the ideals of individual liberty, self-discipline, self-knowledge, and universal brotherhood.
The Kansas City Witches Meetup is a social organization where you can meet, learn, teach and socialize with other local people who are interested in Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidism and many other Pagan paths in our town. We meet in Westport, Overland Park, the Northland, Lee’s Summit/Independence, and other locations throughout the month. A variety of venues and topics are covered. You are welcome to attend all or only those of which you have interest.
Heartland Spirtitual Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting alternative religions and philosophies through educational programs and activities. Heartland Spiritual Alliance coordinates Heartland Pagan Festival, over Memorial Day weekend, each year to provide a setting to promote spiritual growth and acceptance.
Gaia Community is an Earth-based, Pagan Unitarian Universalist congregation holding weekly Sunday services in the Kansas City area since 1997. We are a diverse group of people united by a reverence for Nature, a need for community, and a profound curiosity about the world around us. We welcome families of all description, offering programming for adults, children, and teens.
Gaea is the ancient Greek name for Mother Earth. Gaea Retreat Center is a 168 acre property in a rural setting within an hour’s drive of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The primary goal of Gaea Retreat Center is to provide a private, natural retreat area for a variety of people of all spiritual traditions, and to promote a feeling of connection with the land and people on it.
Oak Spirit Sanctuary, as a church of Shamanic Wicca, is proud to welcome home all Earth-honoring people of good faith. We worship in a Wiccan format, but invite others to share their traditions and practices, in keeping with the Natural Laws of the Land.
The Circle of Atargatis is a Wiccan Coven affiliated with the Correllian Nativist Tradition. Atargatis is a vibrant and active coven offering monthly rituals, and degree training in the CNT. For more information please contact
The Web of Oz is a group based in Lawrence, Kansas which practices an eclectic feminist Neo-Paganism.
Éaspringstede Hæðengyldis a Kansas City based Anglo-Saxon Heathen Fellowship.    We are dedicated to the modern day reconstruction of the ancient tribal religion of the Anglo-Saxons who lived during the 5th to 7th centuries on the landmass we call England today. The gyld reconstructs not only the worship of the Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses but the worldview, customs, and ancestral traditions as well.  Contact email:
Are you are looking for Wiccan/Pagan fellowship and an opportunity to increase your spiritual growth through a proven program of study? The Sunflower Temple was founded to provide spiritual, social and educational opportunities for Kansas City area Wiccans and other local Pagans.  For more information contact us at or