We enjoy showing off the best of our local Pagan Artisans that have a gift in creating things of beauty and utility.

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With few exceptions, over 70% of their inventory is hand-made. They have also donated a significant item to the charity raffle in support of sponsored charity I hope that you will spend some time with each one and admire their work and let them know we appreciate them. (Of course, it would be even better if you brought something home with you.)

Embellished Body – Sheryl has become an important part of KCPPD as she “embellishes” the attendees with beautiful henna art and donates her profits to sponsored charity thereby raising thousands over the years.

Sheryl offers henna and face painting throughout the greater Kansas City area and brings a sense of fun and excitement to your event, whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event or festival! Or you can just pamper yourself with a one-of-a-kind henna design! Book an individual appointment or let me liven up your party, festival or corporate event! Contact her at or telephone at 816-509-0301


Jessica Marie Baumgartner (author) – Jessica is a Wiccan mother of two whose non-fiction works on Paganism and Pagan Parenting have been featured by Circle Magazine and The Witches’ Voice. Her new Pagan children’s book, The Golden Rule, has been highly anticipated. Her 1st book, My Family Is Different, has received praise from readers of all backgrounds and she also writes sci-fi and fantasy.  Items for sale: My Pagan children’s books: The Golden Rule and My family is Different;  as well as abstract paintings and crocheted Ladybug toys for children.

Owyn Gift and Goods – A wayfaring metaphysical store, home of Beth’s Garden Herbal Crafting!

Luma Holistics – Luma Holistics offers a choice selection of organic and wildcrafted herbs, luxury herbal products, exquisite body butters, oils, candles, and handmade jewelry.

Sapphire’s Moonbeams – Sapphire Moonbeam creates stone and crystal metaphysical jewelry and gifts by hand. She also creates energy art and enchanted nature photography. Sapphire puts love and magical intentions into everything she makes!

Raven’s Perch – Only gnome approved door maker in Kansas City. Each door is unique and hand crafted by the owner.

B.J.’s Bears & Jewelry –  I make hand beaded southwest jewelry and dream catchers and other misc. items

Kate’s Cafe – Kate’s Cafe is here to offer you tasty foods while you enjoy KC Pagan Pride Day. We specialize in meeting your dietary considerations. You can find us at many local Pagen events. Come hungry we’ll make sure you’re well fed at a reasonable price.

Gaia Native – Items for the Shamanic witch. Items for Divination. Items for home decor.

Nerd Accessories – Nerd Accessories is a partnership between two local crafters. We hand-make soap and candles with a science-fiction/nerdy theme. We also crochet plushie antagonists — dragons, vampires, Cthuhlu, Medusa, and more! Antagonists need a little love too…

Magickal Nature – Magickal Nature is a place to find unique handcrafted spiritual, ritual, and metaphysical items. One of a kind jewelry, wire wrapping, dream catchers, hand beaded pendulums, washer pendants, metaphysical candles, and our unique beaded bugs. As well as natural bath and beauty products.

KC Metaphysical – KC Metaphysical will be offering Readings throughout the day. Types of readings will include Tarot, Animal Totem, Lenormand, and other Oracles.
We will also have coupons and info about our upcoming Fair in November.

Aurora’s Key – Artisan Soaps & More – All natural artisan soaps, shampoo bars, and skin care products, handmade pendants, tumbled stones, hand macraméd hemp jewelry, colorful tutus; real fox and coyote tails and faces, skulls and other assorted bones including buffalo teeth

Kiffy’s Art – Charming collection of unique stained glass pieces. Something to delight everyone’s taste. Each piece is designed and made by hand. Perfect for anyone’s home or as a gift.

Pixie Shadow Craft – Pixie Shadow Craft provides handmade armor and jewelry for the modern day witches, warlocks, and warriors.

Two Crafty Wenches – Two Crafty Wenches offer a variety of hand crafted items. Re-purposed furniture, greeting cards, mojo balls etc. Such an eclectic mix, you just don’t know what you might find!

Crafted Designs LLC – Unique hand made crafts – which includes stained glass, ceramics, jewelry and various wood crafted items.

Angela’s Creative Expressions – Angela’s Creative Expressions presents a collection of handcrafted jewelry & gifts with a Pagan / Wiccan theme. We only use natural gemstones in our products & every item is completely unique. We also have some basic supplies that Pagans may require for rituals such as sage, healing stones/crystals, and items that may be useful & hard to find.

Red Moon – We are a home-based locally run family business catering to the pagan community. We create handcrafted jams & jellies using local organic ingredients. Our jams and jellies are made with all natural ingredients and feature the best seasonal produce from our region. We decided to expand and are now offering hand-poured candles done in small batches to ensure better quality product. We wanted to provide the community an opportunity to buy premium ritual candles from a fellow local practitioner.

Runeworks -Runeworks is a homegrown business for the pagan, witch or magically minded. We supply most of the magical tools necessary for practitioners, plus a variety of beautiful jewelry and decorative ideas. Samhain is right around the corner, so we are bringing out the skulls!

Artbystarlite – Artwork, energy painting

Fae Fantasies – Fae Fantasies is a creative collaboration between Cheryl Locke and Sherri Farris to showcase their handcrafted items. From handmade clothing to unique jewelry to specially blended oils, there is something to please everyone.