Group Info Tables

Here is the list of Pagan organizations that will have information tables at the event.

Grove of the Winding Spiral – General information about Wicca and Pagan learning, what a coven does, what GWS has to offer the local pagan community.

Kansas City Witches Meetup – The Kansas City Witches, Wiccans, Heathens and Pagans Meetup has been a part of the community since 2008, offering free public events open to people of all paths and experience levels. Our monthly Main Event, held on the 4th Wednesday of the month at Aquarius Books, features classes, workshops and lectures on a wide variety of subjects, taught by a variety of guest speakers from the community. KCWMU added Coffee Covens to our list of events in 2012, creating free social discussion group gatherings all over the Kansas City Metropolitan area,  including Overland Park, Independence, Liberty, and the Downtown area. The Kansas City Witches, Wiccans, Heathens and Pagans Meetup will continue to offer free educational opportunities as well as chances for the members of the Pagan community to connect and grow in a positive direction.

Heartland Spiritual Alliance – Heartland Spiritual Alliance has been serving the local Pagan community since 1987. HSA organizes the Heartland Pagan Festival, a five day event over Memorial Day weekend, and supports other activities in the community. HSA meets the second Sunday of each month from 2-5 p.m at Aquarius-Vulcans Forge, 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, MO. All meetings are open to the public and membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

Gaia Community – Gaia Community is an Earth-based, Pagan Unitarian Universalist congregation holding weekly Sunday services in the Kansas City area since 1997. We are a diverse group of people united by a reverence for Nature, a need for community, and a profound curiosity about the world around us. We welcome families of all description, offering programming for adults, children, and teens.

Fellowship of the Shops – Fellowship of the Shops is a coalition of local businesses that are brick and mortar and primarily retail oriented who emphasize serving the Pagan community. They consist of Aquarius Bookstore, Crescent Springs, Enchanted Gifts, The Herb Charmer, Spectrum, and the Village Witch.

Mystic Trinity Gypsies – The Mystic Trinity Gypsies are a Circle of Christo-Pagan Witches here in the KC area. We are the hosts of The Witches Revelry. A public event held in KC in October.

Midgard’s Well – Midgard’s Well is a kindred of mutli cultural, and knowledge driven group of Norse Pagans (Asatru).  We will have general information over the Norse ancestral religion, Asatru. Stories of our faith and our gods. Also advise for those interested in our faith our in need of finding a kindred to share there faith with.

Circle of Fountains – Circle of Fountains is a non-denominational circle of witches and pagans based in Kansas City that focuses on celebrating the Wheel of the Year in a positive, practical, and transparent way. We laud differences in beliefs and practices, emphasizing the wide variety of pagan and witchcraft traditions as an integral part of community and togetherness.   We will have information about our circle and our free Noviceship courses as well as general pagan and witchcraft advice and studies.

Witchy Words – Since 2013, Witchy Words has been an authentic resource on modern witchcraft. Hailing from Kansas City, writer Marietta volunteers her photography services, taking readers of her blog to the center of her coven’s rituals and public events around the KC pagan and witchcraft community. When not writing on community, Marietta focuses on her own nontheistic witchcraft, offering photos of altars, spell work, demonstrations and reviews of witchcraft products and more!

Heimdall’s Hearth – Heimdall’s Hearth is a non-hierarchical and non-reconstructive Heathen Kindred.  Our mission is to help educate people on the religion of Heathenism, help those learn more within the religion and how we can live honorable and fuller lives.

Peaceful Minds Coven – A Group of Family and Friends that practice and explore the spirituality of witchcraft to implement into our daily lives.