Guest Entertainers and Speakers

External Combustion Orchestra

“External Combustion Orchestra is a beautiful fusion of genres including Celtic, American folk, indie pop, and classical music.  We bring all these elements together with a dash of whimsical fantasy to create original songs and new takes on old favorites. We’re especially fond of the Victorian and Old West fantasy known as Steampunk.”

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Mike Nichols

Besides being a “founding member” of Kansas City’s Pagan community, being an author and teaching classes in Witchcraft since 1970, Mike Nichols has also been a lifelong student of the paranormal –especially ghosts, poltergeists and hauntings. While still in grade school, Mike became fascinated by true ghost stories his grandmother from the Ozarks used to tell him. By high school, he had already joined the American Society for Psychical Research to keep up on the latest scientific research in the field. During college, Mike worked as research assistant to famed Kansas City parapsychologist Robert Ashby. After graduating, Mike began lecturing on parapsychology, culminating in being asked to teach a graduate-level course in parapsychology at the University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC). Most recently, Mike has returned to field research, pioneering a new method of using a random number generator (RNG) in the investigation of hauntings.

Etoile and Friends Belly Dancing

Etoile has gathered some of the best belly dancers in Kansas City and surrounding area to give us a demonstration of this beautiful and powerful form of expression. Many experts say belly dancing is the oldest form of dance, having roots in all ancient cultures from the orient to India to the mid-East. Probably the greatest misconception about belly dancing is that it is intended to entertain men. Instead, this ritualized expression has usually been performed for other women, generally during fertility rites or parties preparing a young woman for marriage. The dance often focuses upon isolating different parts of the body, moving them independently in sensuous patterns, weaving together the entire feminine form. Belly dancing is generally performed barefoot, thought by many to emphasize the intimate physical connection between the dancer, her expression, and Mother Earth.

Bran Cerddorion

Bran CerddorionBran is a pagan bard who focuses his music on Peace, Nature, and storytelling. With guitar in hand, Bran crafts his unique, down-to-earth folk songs that aim to tell stories that are fun, inspiring, insightful, and ofttimes humorous.
From heart-felt songs of world peace, to earthy tunes of Nature; from lyrics telling epic myths and stories, to inspiring songs of mindfulness and the Buddha Dharma . . . there’s sure to be something in Bran’s music for any groovy, tree-huggin’, peace-lovin’ soul!
You can find all of Bran’s music, videos, info and more at

Sarah Mayfield

Sarah was born in Tulsa, OK, moved around as a child, and returned to her “home-town” after graduating High School. She launched her ownb usiness at the age of 22 while studying Music and Theater at Tulsa Community College. Sarah learned to sing very young and is proud to say that her upbringing in the church built her “musical ear.” She wrote her first song in elementary school, and since then has written over 50 songs. Sarah’s belief that music is a “gateway for the soul” drives her to write passionate lyrics that have the potential to speak to any audience. She launched a new business in 2016 called Songbird Healing working as a singer-songwriter and a spiritual healer. Sarah believes that we all have a path that ultimately feeds our soul, and for her it is being a singer-songwriter. Sarah released her debut single, Two Sides, in June of 2019, and looks forward to releasing her first full album within the year.

Amtgard, Duchy of Centerpoint

>Centerpoint is a Duchy of Rivermoor within Amtgard, a world-wide organization dedicated to medieval and fantasy combat sports and recreation. We use padded weapons, garb, and imagination to immerse players in a world of heroic combat, quests, crafts, and more. Centerpoint meets every Sunday at noon in Antioch Park in Merriam Kansas.