Current Vendors

We enjoy showing off the best of our local Pagan Artisans that have a gift in creating things of beauty and utility. With few exceptions, over 70% of their inventory is hand-made. They have also donated a significant item to the charity raffle in support of sponsored charity I hope that you will spend some time with each one and admire their work and let them know we appreciate them. (Of course, it would be even better if you brought something home with you.)

Jessica Marie Baumgartner (author) – Jessica is a Wiccan mother of two whose non-fiction works on Paganism and Pagan Parenting have been featured by Circle Magazine and The Witches’ Voice. Her new Pagan children’s book, The Golden Rule, has been highly anticipated. Her 1st book, My Family Is Different, has received praise from readers of all backgrounds and she also writes sci-fi and fantasy.  Items for sale: My Pagan children’s books: The Golden Rule and My family is Different;  as well as abstract paintings and crocheted Ladybug toys for children.