Presentation/Workshop Request

Are you interesting in hosting a presentation, workshop or discussion?

Share your Pagan path or Practice.  Would you like to share how you practice your Pagan Path or practice.  This helps others validate their own practices, allows them to hear new approaches, and can help other Pagan and non-Pagans understand your path which would help eliminate misunderstandings.

Lead a Fun, Informational Workshop.   This might include any sort of workshop.  We generally want workshops that would be interesting to all paths, as well as those that do not call themselves Pagan.

Lead a discussion group.  Is there a particular topic that you would like to lead a discussion in.   For example, it might be related to ecology, camping, gender identity, genealogy, yoga, etc.  It can be anything as long as it is of good intent and purpose.

If this send interesting to you, please fill out the below application and let us know.

Also send a picture of yourself to