KCPPD Program

Advertise in the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day Program

We plan to print 200 ea programs and make a PDF version available on the website and Facebook page.  Each brochure is expected to be sized 8-1/2×11 with the goal of having a minimum of twelve pages to include the cover pages.

Advertising space will be open to all Pagan and Pagan-friendly businesses or individuals.

Deadline for submissions and payment is 19 August.

If we do not get sufficient interest, your total fees will be refunded.


  • Full Page Ad — $40 (sized to fit 7.5″ Horiz. x 10″ Vert.)
  • 1/2 Page Ad — $25 (sized to fit 7.5″ Horiz. x 5.0″ Vert.)
  • 1/4 Page Ad — $15 (sized to fit 3.5″ Horiz. x 4.5″ Vert.)
  • 1/8 Page Ad (Business Card) – $10 (sized to fit 3.5″ Horiz. x 2″ Vert.)

Payment must accompany any advertisement order, and must be sent using the PayPal link on the web site.

Ads must be camera-ready and can be black & white or color.  Color ads will appear full color in the digital (PDF) version of the brochure, but will be rendered black & white (greyscale) in the printed version. Full page ads may be sent as either a full page PDF file or as a suitably proportioned graphic image (jpg preferred). Smaller sized ads must be sent as a suitably proportioned graphic image (jpg preferred) so that the editor can fit it onto a page with other ads or brochure articles.  All ads will be randomly placed throughout the brochure.

There will be a narrow white (unprinted) border on every printed page. To ensure that nothing is cut off when printed, the brochure editor will re-size and position all page elements to avoid this border.

KCPPD reserves the right to refuse ads. KCPPD’s liability is limited to the cost of the ad. Deadlines for all submissions is 19 August 2018.

To purchase an advertisement or to obtain more information, please contact us at info@kcppd.com.

All payments will be done through PayPal to info@kcppd.com. A link is provided on the web site at http://www.kcppd.com

Please include your name, phone number, and e-mail address with any inquiry or order.

Thank you for your interest in Kansas City Pagan Pride Day!


Use this link to pay your fee after submitting your request.
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Or send your PayPal payment to info@kcppd.com