Current 2018 Presentations/Workshops

To Be A Better Boss, Act Like A Witch: Our spiritual path influences all aspects of our lives, including Misty Bell Stiershow we handle the responsibilities of our jobs. Being a witch has provided me distinctive insight into how to be a better manager. If Wicca teaches anything, it’s that there is value in recognizing the moments that blow us away—whether it’s a beautiful garden, a shared laugh, or even a really productive meeting. Join me in discussing how the tenets of Wicca align wonderfully to what it means to truly connect with those you work with and in turn create a better business outcome.  

Misty Bell Stiers is a creative director at Isobar US, one of the world’s leading digital agencies with 6,000 employees across 45 offices. She is active with multiple organizations for business women including The 3% Movement and The Wing. Prior to working at Isobar, she was a senior art director with Ogilvy and a visiting professor at the Pratt Institute. She has a BFA from the Ringling College of Art and Design and an MPS from the Pratt Institute. Misty was raised in Salina, Kansas and now lives in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City with her husband and two children.


The Creation of Self through the Left-Hand Path: How well do you know your heart? Your mind? Your intentions? Allow me to share with you the concepts of Left-Hand Path that have assisted me in the reconstruction of my own self. I will be discussing the various concepts that have shaped my reality through the introduction of some base Left-Hand path concepts that have influenced me and how it allowed me to overcome many obstacles in my life. Through the creation of archetypes and the understanding of self, we are able to be in control of our life and to excel in all ways.
Shannon Williams is an occultist as well as an ordained Reverend who has studied various subjects for well over 20+ years. She works alongside other LHP organizations in the progression of the left-hand path. Also, she is actively working alongside organizations in her local community to support their humanitarian efforts. Through her work in the community, she hopes to get others to understand logic and reason in Satanism as well as to help others move beyond the stigma associated with it.


Parenting by the Planets.  They say that “kids don’t come with a manual.” But they DO come with a manual, written specifically about them in the heavens. This workshop is designed to explore how Astrology in the form of Natal charts can help parents understand and collaborate with their children.  Presenter: Nivcharra has been studying Astrology for 9 years and reading professionally for 7. She lives with her husband and two children and enjoys reading and religious study.



A Chaos Magic Paradigm – Exploring Your Psyche through the Eight Magics:  Chaos Magic is no

t as scary as it sounds. In many ancient traditions, Chaos was the first to come into being. It was the state of the universe from which all other things came into being. Chaos Magic has many forms and variations, in no small part due to the tenant that belief is a tool. It is a highly individualistic practice. In this workshop, we will explore a paradigm set out by one of its founders, Peter J. Carroll. All magic can be divided up into 8 instinctual drives. Under standing and developing these drives is an essential undertaking for any magician. We will explore each in turn and discuss strategies for using this paradigm to empower yourself.    Gabriel Sparks has been a practitioner of magic for 15 years. He has presented and facilitated discussions and groups on magic and queer experiences in witchcraft and paganism. For the last 9 years he has been exclusively working with Chaos Magic. Gabriel is an ordained minister and does volunteer work in the mental health community. He currently works in the tech industry and lives with his cat, Medea, and dogs, Ziggy and Bette.

How to conduct a Guided Meditation:  Teaching attendees the ins and outs of guiding individuals and groups through the different phases of a guided meditation. Discussing the pros and cons of using detailed versus generic terms during meditation, and using intonation to achieve the desired result.  Christopher Adams is a Rashani (High Priest) in the Sha’can tradition. A former High Priest of the Herding Cats military coven at Ft. Sill, OK, and of the Hinesville (GA) Pagans United coven.  He has been a practicing Pagan since 1999, and a practicing Buddhist prior to that since childhood, having always been drawn to the faith practices of the Indian Subcontinent.


Dark Hermeticism – Enlightenment On The Left-hand Path – Turning to the left-hand path is often viewed as damnation or spiritual suicide. However, the left-hand path is equally a source of spiritual illumination. Through the use of Alchemy, Astrology and Goetic ritual we learn to work with and empower our shadow side. Dark Hermeticism offers a way to understand our inner nature and our outer world.  Steven Tenebrae (Fr. Tenebrae) is a practitioner and writer of left-hand path subjects. He is the founder and creator of Fr. Tenebrae – Walking The Left-hand Path, His journey into the occult has lead him to study ceremonial magick, herbalism, chaos magick, and sorcery. He has also studied Vedanta, Tantra and Yoga in the U.S. and India.


L#KI and Other Giants in Eddic Heathenism – A explanation of the Jotnar; the elemental, and often destructive, beings in ancient Scandinavian, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Heathen religion. How can one Jotun be “in ever-accord with the Gods” and another be bound in Hel until Ragnarok?  Wolf Friedman is First-Among-Equals at Heimdall’s Hearth Kondred and Horg-Gothi at the Hogr Forn Sidr Temple.


A Women’s Perspective on Heathenism – A discussion of the important place of women in all levels of Scandinavian, Germanic and Anglo-Saxon Heathen society and cosmology: Goddesses, Valkyrie, Norns, Giantesses, Volvas, Shieldmaidens, Key-keepers and others.   Annie Rose is an Elder and Secretary at Heimdall’s Hearth Kondred and Gythia-in-Training at the Hogr Forn Sidr Temple.