Community Service Award Nominations

Participate in the selecting this year’s Community Service Award recipient!!!

Nomination will be taken until 15 August, voting will take place from 17-30 August, and the award will be presented during the festival.

Please nominate an individual or business from the Kansas City area that best embraces the following ideals:

  • Community (Earth) –We are never going to be able to practice openly if we don’t know anyone else in our local Pagan communities. We need to weave networking webs in our cities, in our towns, in our rural areas. We need these webs to support one another.
  • Education (Air) – We are never going to be able to practice our spiritual paths openly if we don’t give the public accurate information about what we do and do not do.
  • Activism (Fire) – People aren’t necessarily going to go out of their way to find out what Pagans really do. We have to have the courage to act on our convictions and do what we need to do.
  • Charity (Water) – We know that what we do returns to us. We need to demonstrate this by offering compassion to our communities where it is needed. When we share our own abundance, we show that we trust the Gods to share abundance with us in return.

Selection Process

  • Please use the below form or email your nominations to
  • Both Pagan and non-Pagan nominees are acceptable.
  • You can nominate more more than once BUT only one person can be submitted at a time (one per form).
  • All nominees must be located in Kansas City metro or the neighboring area (approximately within a one hundred fifty mile radius of Kansas City.)
  • Previous award winners are not eligible.  (We want to spread the recognition!)
  • KCPPD Local Coordinator is not eligible as they will be tallying the votes. All other KCPPD staff and volunteers are eligible.
  • Yes you can nominate multiple people!


  • All nominations will be placed on a ballet and presented to the public on the internet for vote.
  • Everyone in the Kansas City area will be eligible to cast one vote.  This is a local award, so please do not vote if you live outside a 150 mile radius of Kansas City.
  • Every effort will be made to limit the voting to one vote per individual.
  • Selection will be based on the total votes received.
  • Presentation of the award will be made at the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day event.

Nomination Form

We can never thank enough the individuals that donate so much of their time and talents to our community. These individuals have taught, shared, blazed new trails, spoken out for those who could not speak, and who have, in general, tried to make the world a better place. This award was created by the community as a small token of thanks to these individuals.

barbara-criswell laurie-sherman gigi angela-krout
2013 Recipient
Barbara Criswell
2014 Recipient
Laurie Sherman
(Urban Crone)
2015 Recipient
Gigi Woodman
2016 Recipient 
Angela Krout
Emily Gabbert - Community Service Award      
2017 Recipien
Emily Gabbert
2018 Recipient
Vickie Knueppel