2018 Information Tables

Argenheim Norse Tribe of Kansas City.  Established in 2014  by Councilmen Martin Vulf, Chieftain of Kansas Side of KC Jon Gaurmundr, and Chieftain of Missouri side of KC Tyler Thorstein.  We will be providing information about our tribe and what it offers to the community such as food drives, clothes drives, paranormal investigations, gardening tips and gardens, seamstress training and sewing, hunting training, hunting, mining camps, mining training, and Lore Studies.

Gaia Community – Gaia Community is an Earth-based Pagan congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association. We care for the earth and each other because our lives depend on it.  Our congregation has provided monthly Sunday rituals, classes, workshops and forums for more than twenty years in Kansas City. You can join us every Sunday at 4:00 pm at 4327 Troost Ave.   http://gaiacommunity.org/   info@gaiacommunity.org

Heartland Spiritual Alliance – Heartland Spiritual Alliance has been serving the local Pagan community since 1987. HSA organizes the Heartland Pagan Festival, a five day event over Memorial Day weekend, and supports other activities in the community. HSA meets the second Sunday of each month from 2-5 p.m at Aquarius-Vulcans Forge, 3936 Broadway, Kansas City, MO. All meetings are open to the public and membership is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.  http://www.kchsa.org

The Kansas City Witches Meetup – The Kansas City Witches Meetup is a group for educating, socializing, and building community with people from varying Pagan paths. We meet in multiple places in the city and we always love to hear from new people with different perspective whether you just started on the Pagan path, have been doing this your whole life, or are just curious about what we do. Come see us and find out what we are about!  https://www.facebook.com/KCWMUMeetup/

The Center Spiral (co-located with The Kansas City Witches Meetup) – The Center Spiral is a community-centered magazine for enhancing our collective knowledge, sparking fresh, new ideas, and building understanding within our community to bring our spiral closer to center. Educate, Inspire, Connect.   We will be providing information on how to submit writing or artwork and other ways to participate with the magazine, as well as information on where to find us on various social media and where we publish.  https://thecenterspiral.blogspot.com/

Grove of the Winding Spiral – Grove of the Winding Spiral is an Eclectic Wiccan coven founded in 2004. As a teaching coven, we are focused on providing Seekers with information and guidance regarding Wiccan and pagan concepts, in order to help them find their own spiritual path. We are, and have always been, inclusive and we welcome diversity. For our members we work to provide Safe and Sacred space in which to practice the Craft and work with Deity together. Blessed Be!  http://www.facebook.com/windingspiral

Midgards Well – Midgards Well is a Norse Pagan Kindred that celebrates diversity, individuality, creativity, hard work, passion, and dedication. We work and thrive as a family, and hope to welcome more to our happy hearth. We have no clear defined leader, allowing each person to lead–especially in moments they are most passionate about. Our goal is to always be learning and to help others learn so that bigotry and ignorance may be washed from our specific brand of paganism.  We will be providing information brochure, thought provoking articles written by kindred members, examples of projects that we are working on, possibly more.