Our Values

Adopted from the Pagan Pride Project values statement.

Respect, integrity, communication, and neutrality are the cornerstones of our organization.

  • Respect – We respect individual spiritual beliefs and backgrounds, and recognize the importance of spirituality in everyday life. Participation is open to anyone, Pagan or non-Pagan, who agrees to our event policies and Code of Expected Ethical Conduct. No commonality of belief, practice, or rites is implied by membership in this organization. The KCPPD is solely organized to provide the resource advantages of a legal entity, while remaining autonomous in our personal practices.
  • Integrity – We shall remain honest and trustworthy in all of our interactions. We shall facilitate accountability and strength of character among our members. We shall conduct ourselves in such a manner as to bring honor to our community and to Paganism.
  • Communication – Every voice in our community is important and deserves to be heard. We shall attempt to make communication as extensive and accurate as possible among our volunteers and members, and listen to feedback from our local communities about our events. We shall not participate in the proliferation of malicious gossip or rumor, nor shall we support those who do so. We shall be a positive voice for Paganism in our community at large, while recognizing that not every Pagan is able to be in the open regarding their spiritual beliefs.
  • Neutrality – We are politically neutral. While we understand and expect differences among members of the Pagan community, we cannot afford to allow this to separate us when our goal in fighting prejudice and discrimination. We are not referees and will not be pulled into local disputes. On Pagan Pride Day, and in the planning of the event, we refuse to be involved in “witch wars” but proudly rise above differences of opinion to stand united and show the world that we are Proud to be Pagan.

KCPPD Code of Expected Ethical Conduct

Adopted from the Pagan Pride Project Code of Expected Ethical Behavior
  • Honesty in self-representation: Each person will seek authorization from the Board of Directors before speaking on matters of legal or policy issues concerning the KCPPD.
  • Neutrality and inclusiveness: Each person will actively reach out to multiple groups to be involved with the event; including diverse elements of all the local Pagan community.  Everyone will put aside personal or ideological differences to work together for the betterment of the community and Paganism.
  • Following the Non-Rumor-Proliferation agreement:  Each person will avoid participating in the proliferation of malicious gossip or rumor within the Pagan community, especially within KCPPD.  Each person will also refuse to support those who do so.
  • Non-discrimination: No one will discriminate based on race, gender, spiritual tradition, or sexual orientation; nor will they belittle anyone for any of the above.
  • Financial integrity: Each person will strive to record and report all funds accurately to the Board of Directors and the officers of the Corporation.  No one will ever take funds and use them for personal purposes.
  • Directness in communication: Each person will take responsibility for communicating your needs within the KCPPD as clearly and honestly as you are able. Each person will actively reach out to the source rather than backbiting or repeating hearsay.  Each person will strive to listen carefully and speak to others with respect, honesty, and courtesy.
  • Embracing a spirit of teamwork and cooperation: Each person will not view other Pagan Pride events or planning groups as competition.  We are all members of the same team and will strive to work together for maximum effect.
  • Respecting privacy: Though each person needs to recognize that this is a public-oriented event and therefore their association with Paganism will probably be exposed to the public, it is still a breach of ethics to reveal anyone else’s involvement in the Pagan community without their permission.
  • Respecting consentuality: Each person will avoid participating in any non-consensual physical, psychic, emotional, or magickal actions while associated with the Kansas City Pride Day, Inc.